Nicholas Bohac makes paintings that encourage consideration of our place in the universe and the cosmos. His nightscapes are otherworldly and his cats are frequent subjects of his mixed-media paintings. We checked in with Nicholas to see what he's be up to this year, as we continue our Art in Uncertain Times series.

“I finished a painting about my cats about a month into quarantine because they've been living this lifestyle at home for years,” Bohac told Juxtapoz earlier this Spring. “The only difference for them is that my wife, Kim, is now around the house all day every day, so they get a lot more attention than they were already getting. Which is a lot. I love my cats.

“For the last few years, I've been mostly painting on synthetic papers and films. I like the slick, plastic surface. It really compliments a lot of the materials and the plasticity of the acrylics I work with….Some days one painting is working and the next, it's just not. I don't make the rules. Keeping a few things going at once makes it more likely that the work is going to happen, and so far it has.” —Kristin Farr