Although we may be practicing social distancing, to some extent, we are definitely participating in socialbility in the digital realm. Our newest series, "Art In Uncertain Times," looks at how artists have reacted to shelter-in-place and isolations in some respects, but how they have also found humanity and purpose in their studio routines. We have been getting reports from Spain, Italy and parts of the United States, and today is our first report from Africa. 

Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV, one half of the Radio Juxtapoz podcast and respected filmmaker and journalist based in London, just touched based with Arinze Stanley in Lagos to get a scene report on how Nigerians are preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak. If the name Arinze is familiar to you, its because the artist is world-renowned for his hyperrealistc pencil drawings. "Most times it’s almost like I lose control of my pencils and the art flows through me to the paper," Arinze has said of his work. "I work with my Principle of the Three P's namely Patience, Practice and Persistence. These have guided me over the years towards perfecting my craft."