The Los Angeles-based artist and muralist returns to his old stomping grounds of San Francisco for a brand new solo show, Illuminated Opposition, opening at Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Andrew Schoultz, who not only is known for his incredibly prolifiic output and work ethic, is also known for his immersive installation experiences when he presents his paintings. His new solo at Hosfelt is no different; Schoultz is prepping multiple site-specific works in the gallery to go along with his new paintings. Murals, sculputres and paintings will all be presented. 

From the gallery: Andrew Schoultz brings his signature street-savvy style to a new body of work that questions the meaning and function of public space and the nature of political discourse. With an emphasis on the formal vocabulary of abstraction, Schoultz exposes the ways in which meaning is manipulated and perception skewed as the locus for civic debate has shifted from the town plaza to the isolated, anonymous realm of cyberspace.

Two monumental sculptures anchor the installation, surrounded by murals painted directly on the walls of the gallery, paintings on panel and paper, and other sculptural objects. In a new series of abstract paintings, Schoultz distills some of his familiar stylistic elements into a more formal language with subtler allusions. Other works incorporate new symbolic motifs with multiple, sometimes conflicting meanings. As an example, the snake features prominently. Depending upon your cultural heritage, religious beliefs, or political persuasion, it can denote fertility, transformation, protection, wisdom, eternity, healing, anti-government resistance, racism, treachery or original sin.

In the age of Trump, truth is a questionable commodity, peddled like a trinket for short-term gain. Is this really a new phenomenon, or simply one that has emerged brazenly from the shadows, to operate with impunity in the full light of day? Schoultz’s work situates itself squarely within current socio-political concerns, illuminating the battleground of a sharply divided country.