"My current body of work is titled, Theater of the Mind and I have been working on it for nearly a year. In this series of illustrative photographs, I set out to visually construct what I am most afraid of through staged portraits. The images are autobiographical and based on a my personal insecurities, although portrayed through others. At first glance, the allure of each portrait draws the viewer in, only to be confronted with depictions of potent symbolism and meaning."

"With this project, I confront what I fear most and utilize it as an instrument of enlightenment and personal growth. To take what is darkest about myself and manifest it into something beautiful and transformative through my own artistic expression. My goal is have them experienced in person and hopefully to encourage others to open up about their own fears and benefit from this project. I hope viewers will be inspired to believe in their own possibilities." —Andrew Pinkham

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