The first time you see a work by Winter 2021 cover artist, Amani Lewis, there is a depth of both process and materials that feels all together fresh and mysterious. A line that stood out in our Winter story with Lewis noted "My materials consist of tangible and intangible objects like paints and glitter, but also the realities of my subjects and the stories they wish to share." That Amani enhances the subject's existence is poweful but literally visceral. You can sense an aura, a mapping of the soul, and it makes the works almost glow with an other-worldliness. 

Many of these traits are inherent in Lewis' new show, Midnight, on view with Mashonda Tifrere's Art Lead Her platform on view at Urban Zen in NYC. They note, "The figures in ‘Midnight’ are dark hued and situated in forestland or ambiguous settings. They are then meticulously tweaked to create expressions and patterns that emphasize a sense of self awareness and universality... The spiritual realm at ‘Midnight’ is very active and controls most of what happens to us physically and emotionally. The work is about appreciating the darkness and the magic that happens there in the God hour. Lewis is capturing both the mystery and soul of her subjects while simultaneously detaching them from everyday reality." 

Amani says of the work, "It is at night where I have my most vivid ideas and visions that come into fruition; it is also at night where I have my most scariest of thoughts. In Midnight, I explore those themes with close friends and loved ones. I reflect on the greatness they pass onto others and think about how as creators, nighttime is when we thrive, both in the physical and spiritual realm. Our dreams becomes realities, and sometimes our nightmares become motivation to continue forward and keep faith."