Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present “Hoof," the gallery’s fourth solo show from Los Angeles based artist Allison Schulnik. Consisting of several new paintings and sculptures, "Hoof" is her first showing of new work with the gallery in nearly four years. Schulnik has long been one of our favorite artists, with her amazing painting style, incredible claymation animation videos and unique sculpture work.

From the gallery:

Not contented by cut and dry narratives that portray notions of empowerment, her characters are complex. Delving into the intricate web of sexuality, Schulnik takes a Henry Darger approach to Disney’s "Fantasia"- with centaurettes reimagining strength and femininity, as well as humanity. In order to create an honest portrait of contemporary liberation, she provides her mythic beings with fear, angst, sadness, and even weakness. Glorious unicorns of questionable gender are imbued with an aura of disheveled majesty -- and a new type of hero emerges. Each protagonist is granted their individual physicality, strength, baggage, and personhood – as they also reflect the bewildering concepts of ego and identity. As fictional as these creatures may be, their personification of the untamed make us long for the best, unapologetic versions of our true selves.