Set in a fantastic and literal five car garage in 5 Car Garage in Los Angeles, one of our favorite painters, Alison Blickle, goes for the "Artemisian temple the morning after a full moon ritual meets 1920s Paris artist studio vibe," in "Supermoon." The show is on view through December 21, 2017. 

Blickle, who has shown her work primarily in New York until now, has created a new body of work which includes oil paintings, ceramics, and drawings that reveal her visionary depictions of women engaged in mysterious and ritualistic ceremonies, regarding phases of the moon.

Presented as a site specific installation, objects, vessels and instruments, are stationed purposefully around the floor and on altar-like stands in front of opulent paintings. The works combine together to unlock a sequence of movements and events, immediately situating the viewer/participant into Blickle’s symbolic all female universe.

Images via 5 Car Garage and some via Supersonic