Alicia McCarthy Brings Some Friends to V1 Gallery

Aug 18, 2018 - Sep 22, 2018V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Simultaneous with Barry Mcgee's debut at Eighteen Gallery, another pioneer of what the world recognizes as Mission School, Alicia McCarthy, opened her solo exhibition with V1 Gallery just around the corner. For her 2nd showcase with the Copenhagen gallery, the Bay Area mainstay decided to bring some artistic spirits from her home ground to the Danish capital.

The former storage space of Copenhagen's meat district was filled with McCarthy's radiant colorful creations, a signature visual that she's worked with for a couple of decades now. Created using unorthodox techniques such as home paint, colored pencils, spray paint, latex, and basically anything else available at the given moment, her works capture the uncompromising spontaneous spirit of San Francisco's urban/folk art scene. Using mostly found objects and old paper sheets as the base for her work, she interacts with her urban surrounding in the most direct, unmediated way, repurposing these thrown pieces into enigmatic pieces of art.

Continuing the legacy of artistic comradery that's been a signature characteristic of the local creative community, McCarthy invited a number of younger artists to take over a section of the gallery and showcase their work. Working with different techniques and a whole wide range of themes and styles, the artists presented works on skateboards, quirky minimalist interventions, abstract oil creations, collages, pencil and ink drawings, all the way to sculptural and works from fabric. The full list of Alica's guests include Francesco Igory Deiana, Kellen Chasuk, Bryon Christman, Muzae Sesay, Nathan Harris, Piper Lewine, Pablo De Pinho, Olivia Krause, Jeffrey Cheung, Oliver Hawk Holden, Samara Helperin, Alexis Yonan, Kyla Quinn, ORFN/Aaron Curry, Linton, Paige Valentine, Fran Smith, MSA & Ivy Jean McLellan.

Text and photos courtesy of Sasha Bogojev