For only a few more days Grimm gallery in Amsterdam will be showing a great solo exhibition by the famed Dutch director and artist, Alex van Warmerdam. Tronies is his first show with the gallery, with a reference to the common portraiture type of works from Dutch Golden Age painting and Flemish Baroque painting that shows an exaggerated facial expression or a stock character.

The coherent show consists of a series of exclusively male subject portraits, in two different sizes. Displayed through the gallery space, these complementing, colorful and texture-rich paintings are borrowing the idea of capturing feelings and character while taking a much more expressive approach to painting. The actual photographs that the artist collected over the years from magazines, books, and other sources, are converted to black and white before the subjects get portrayed on canvas. Using a variety of paint applying and manipulating techniques, the rich texture and the unexpecting color combinations create captivating images that intrigue the viewer. Titled in a form of a brief description, the artist keeps the true identity of his subjects a secret, creating a new persona using their features.  

Photos and text by Sasha Bogojev