Alex Senna Presents The Blind Side

Jun 10, 2017 - Jul 15, 2017Galo Art Gallery, Turin, Italy

 Opened for only few more days, Galo Art Gallery in Turin, Italy, is currently showing "Il Lato Cieco (The Blind Side)" solo show by Alex Senna. The Brazilian artist created a new body of work for this exhibition, presenting his signature characters and iconography he has been painting around São Paulo for years.

“In a polarized world today, "The Blind Side" is a series of works that represent what exists between extremes," Alex Senna said. "The political dichotomy, the relation work and person, love and existence permeate this exposure of the subject and his shadow. Between light and shadow there is an infinity of ways, desires, goals and struggles.” 

Focusing on emotions as well as life of common people, Senna's work often talks about love and relationships as well as contrasts between the opposites. Through simple illustrations he is telling tales of playful young lovers, romance between an elderly couples or power of friendships. Along with cherishing these important emotions, he presented a series of works which plays with perspective and light. Putting more accent on character's shadow than the person itself, the artists is addressing the insignificance of an individual in bustling urban environment. —Sasha Bogojev

Photos by Alessia Di Risio