We love the challenge provided by optical illusions in artwork, and could stare at a masterful Bridget Riley painting at the Tate Modern for hours. But we admittedly got zoned and bugged out by a recent session with a painting by Alex Garant.

The Toronto-based painter is set to open a new body of work, Proprioception, at Haven Art Gallery in Northport, New York, with the same subtle yet visually intense process that has become her signature. “What first drew me to Garant's work was her extraordinary play on portraiture,” says Erica Berkowitz, co-owner of Haven, “She takes traditional poses from history and laces in contemporary styles of design and color making her work both timeless and current simultaneously. I’ve always had a love for the work of old masters. With portrait artists like Garant, modern and contemporary elements intermingle, allowing a more relevant connection for myself and her viewers.” Haven will also play host to Annie Stegg Gerard’s Halycon Garden during the same run as Garant, another accomplished painter with lush figurative instincts. —Evan Pricco

The show runs at Haven Art Gallery from June 24—July 20, 2017.