Grimm Gallery in Amsterdam is currently showing an alluring installation/exhibition of new paintings by Alex Dordoy titled Summers’ Ego. Being the artist's 3rd solo exhibition with the gallery and his 5th solo presentation in Amsterdam, the show continues his fascination with "the disconnect" between the physical and the virtual, the real and the what-could-have-been.

This show is built around the idea of questioning the mechanisms of visual attraction, seen in the example of Europe(s) piece which was based on an after WWII poster advocating European unity. By altering the original colors and removing the flags from the bands, he successfully created a "new" image that evokes new associations at different times and in different contexts. This idea is further extended in the series of Ego pieces which were made after a hotel add and were further altered to different versions with the application of different color schemes.

Through his work Dordoy regularly challenges these notions of the intended and possible message behind the image, by re-contextualizing the existing advertisement materials. The new contemporary images are entirely rendered in acrylic and are keeping the irresistible aura of original romanticism and nostalgia after the color swaps and textual interventions. Mixing velvety harmonious gradients and unexpecting, unnatural color palettes against the original, vintage aesthetics, the paintings give these images a completely new atmosphere and purpose. —Sasha Bogojev

The show will be on view through November 17, 2018