El Sereno's favorite son Albert Reyes, and Brazil's beloved daughter Pacolli are opening a duo show tonight at The Galallery in San Francisco. These two are fan favorites in the Bay and beyond and their prolific output and signature styles are always impressive with a shining dedication to their craft. 
Albert's drawings on book covers and Pacolli's abundant collages and paintings make up their show, Going Nowhere Fast, a good, contrarian title for two geniuses.
From the gallery: "Through the lens of two distinct artists, the world today is portrayed as dark, absurd, and scary; but through humor, reflection, and social awareness, we can still smile through it. Speaking with pens, paint, and stickers, both utilize their craft to express themselves emotionally and without reservation — what results is an immersive experience into the creative mindsets of these two artists. With a mutual admiration, the artists have tailored their styles to speak across the gallery walls to each other, while still maintaining the individuality that they respect in each other."
The show is presented by The Last Cat at The Galallery, 180 Capp Street in San Francisco, opening tonight, Saturday, June 23, 2018.