Adam Lister and Ted Lincoln Dive Into the Star Wars Universe for Their New Show

May 04, 2018Black Book Gallery, Denver

To coincide with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Black Book Gallery in Denver has unveiled a new series of Empire-centric works from Gainesville, FL based artist Ted Lincoln. Paired with the pseudo-cubist watercolors of Adam Lister, these works focus heavily on the character design and aesthetics developed to stylize the fictitious autocracy of the Galactic Empire.

For close to a decade, Lincoln has combined the wood trees native to Florida, such as cypress, camphor, and cedar, with his appreciation for Mother of Pearl. The combination of the natural iridescent inlay with wood is an enduring practice in many countries that have the appropriate abundance of mollusks or pearl-producing oysters. Due in part to his Filipino heritage, he has traveled extensively throughout Asia, no doubt inspiring the marriage of modern and traditional in his practice. Computer software and laser cutting have allowed him to arrange a great number of smaller pieces of pearl against the backdrop of the natural wood grain of these exotically shaped specimens.

The show, titled Impressive.... Most Impressive, will run into the month of June; contact the gallery for more info.––Gabe Scott