Aaron Johnson's Humorous and Grotesque Universe

Apr 20, 2017 - May 20, 2017Joshua Liner Gallery, New York City

On April 20th Joshua Liner Gallery will be opening "Gone Fishin'", their first solo show with Brooklyn-based artist, Aaron Johnson. The show will introduce artist's unique takes on the classic medium of “painting” through original contemporary adaptations.

In his works Johnson often depicts humorous and grotesque universe created from dreams and nightmares, and accents his message with unusual medium choices. The show will include reverse paintings, sock paintings and blotted works on paper, all powerful new visual channels which successfully emphasize his relevant messages and cultural critiques. Basing the body of work on the American idea of leisure and free time, the works are often interrupted with the ongoing atmosphere of violence and struggle. This is achieved through his recognizable aesthetics, full of twisted features, absurdity, vibrant colors and unpredictable compositions. Juxtaposing the mundane, idyllic scenes against unexpected, bizarre twists, Johnson creating visual explosions that construct rich narratives using recurring imagery such as hamburgers, guns, wine glasses, french fries, or packs of cigarettes. For this show, the artist entirely stepped out of canvas and prepared a series of free standing sock sculptures that will be presented for the first time.—Sasha Bogojev