A View From the Back: A Series of Paintings by Gwen Yip

January 22, 2018

Gwen Yip's series of paintings, "Backs (NYC," as well as past series focused on London and Hong Kong, have a gentle, quiet, almost lonely feel to them. And yet, the loneliness doesn't feel full of sadness, but rather a powerful and universal feeling of community and togetherness. As Yip asks, "What do you carry on your back?"

We came across Yip's work on Ignant in a bit of research this past weekend, and immediately were struck by the simple power of each series. Where artists like Evan Hecox seem to create a lush detail of the urban environment, or even Kota Ezawa takes very iconic moments and can simplify their composition, Yip here strips away much of the urban detail and yet leaves just enough to convey a complete story for each work. It's almost like she erases the world around her characters and lets them be their own narrative, their own focus. Definitely an artist we will keep an eye one. 

All images via Gwen Yip