The ‘Ekta Sketchbooks I-III’ offer a unique glimpse into the mind and world of the artist. The books, densely filled with pages thickened by collages, drawings, layers of paint and tape, allow us to view the artist's personal moments of creative relief.

Swedish artist EKTA, Daniel Götesson, is one of the most prolific European artists of his generation. Artist first but also animator, sculptor, designer and illustrator, Ekta, no matter the context, adhere to a clear artistic vision and integrity, steering clear of compromise. Götesson himself puts it, “I’m still not completely sure about what an artist is supposed to be doing. I’m doing what feels right and what keeps me interested or motivated.”

His achievements so far include painting a 36x12m mural in Gdansk, collaborating with the Italian fashion house Marni for a capsule collection, illustrations for the New York Times and painting countless walls and canvases. "It’s impossible to sum up what I’m doing. I try not to ask myself that question, because it stops the flow that I need to be able to make any work at all. If I have to use one word, I would describe myself as restless.", the artist says.

Ekta Sketchbooks I III Daniel Ekta Gotesson In His Studio

”For people looking at these books, they will see how I’m developing as an artist and also the weakness' in my process”, Götesson admits. The books also come with a complementary leaflet including texts by Swedish author and playwright, Henrik Bromander, as well as artists and gallerists Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini.

The project was initiated by acclaimed Swedish design studio Lundgren+Lindqvist. Andreas Friberg Lundgren, Art Director and Co-Founder of Lundgren+Lindqvist, explains, “During one of our frequent visits to Ekta's studio, the artist allowed us a rare peek into one of his sketchbooks, hidden in a drawer under his table. It completely blew our minds. We immediately knew that we had to publish it”.

Ekta Sketchbooks I III Sketchbooks Spread 1

The beautifully crafted facsimile reproduction of the original sketchbooks will be partly funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which also give pledgers the possibility to buy original drawings, artworks and even a mural, by the artist. The books, printed in the highest quality on fine Swedish paper, will include a total of 360 pages with drawings and collages, unexpected textures and notes. The pages have the quality of original works, both referencing the past and offering glimpses into the future. Götesson concludes, “I like what I’m doing because there’s no goal in the end. My work is an ongoing process and will never be complete. I’ll keep on adding and erasing and it’s likely I will die with the feeling of having a lot left to do”.

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