A Studio Visit with Low Bros

March 15, 2017

We recently stopped by Low Bros studio in Berlin's Friedrichshain district and spent an afternoon with the infamous art duo. Busy preparing for their upcoming London solo show at StolenSpace gallery, Flo and Chris showed us some of the pieces they are working on as well as a couple of concepts for the work they have yet to start.

Photography by Sasha Bogojev

What started off as a small showing of couple of pieces, quickly escalated into a full solo show that will open on 6th of April. For this exhibition the brothers are working on the new series of paintings that play with their familiar retro futuristic imagery. By the looks of it so far, "Wired" will be mostly based on trendy digital wolves with cool shades that are connected with straight line wire grids. Low Bros focused on these famous canines after years of painting different wild animals.

Slightly more minimal than their older works, the new paintings focuse on creating compositions and patterns with a carefully selected palette of objects. And speaking of palettes, the new canvases use a very limited range of dimmed colors with the exception of specific objects in each painting (tennis ball, basket ball, plants, etc). The same objects are used for playing with perspective, dimension and depth through subtle use of tones, gradients and simple shading effects. All these elements are attached through a grid of copper wires that form cage-like constructions noticeable in most of their newer works. This valuable metal has a personal meaning for the artist and visually matches their retro futuristic aesthetics when depicting the hyper wired world we're living in. —Sasha Bogojev