Today on A Portfolio we look at the works of Canadian-born Natia Lemay, who's work with Wilding Cran at Expo Chicago was an absolute showstopper. Lemay is also a recent grad of Yale School of Art's  Painting / Printmaking department. 

Natia Lemay (b. 1985 in Toronto, Ontario) is an Afro-indigenous artist of Black, Mi'kmaw, and Settler descent, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Natia received her BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design (2021) in drawing/painting with a minor in social sciences and received her MFA from The Yale School of Art in painting/printmaking. Natia's work is interdisciplinary to address the expansiveness of conditions under which IBPOC people live. Drawing on childhood experiences, she explores semiotic, philosophical, and socio-psychological themes of identity, hypervisibility, orientation, and consciousness to untangle how the body and mind interact with space and shift through time. Through careful worldbuilding and storytelling, she aims to create a visual vocabulary that makes the invisible visible, articulates the indescribable, and creates space for reflection without prejudice.