It's summer, the exhibition season winds down and we get to look at some more A Portfolio listings. Today, we take a look at the works of Des Moines-born, Brooklyn-based painter Melody Tuttle, who has posted about a love of Andrew Wyeth (us too) and we have covered before with her works at Hashimoto's booth at the Future Fair.

With her lush and vibrant oil paintings, Melody Tuttle creates scenes of women performing intimate everyday rituals. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, the Brooklyn-based artist invites the viewer into the individual worlds of her subjects as they lounge in bed, gaze pensively towards the horizon, and dress for the day. Her homage to the beauty of solitude marks the idea of an absence - a subject in itself. With the women painted in visceral hues of red and orange, and vivant hills, picturesque sunsets, and celestial skies rolling through the background, the figures in Tuttle's paintings elicit a peaceful vibrancy in their seclusion. Her paintings have earned her solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. As her compositions unfold, Tuttle continually explores self-reliance and its relationship to the social constructions of female identity