On the occasion of Julia Garcia's solo show Poor Dog Bright at Katia David Rosenthal Gallery, we take a look at the work of the Minneapolis-based painter today on A Portfolio

Julia Garcia (b. 1992, Born in Pompano Beach, FL) uses a collage-like application of acrylic and ink onto wet raw canvas as a reflection of her childhood growing up near the Everglades, where the natural flow of the wetlands has been slowly corralled and shaped by urban development. This relationship between material flow, time, and permeability is underpinned by the dominance of water’s role in Garcia’s process. From paintings of scantily clad female hunters to fabricated scenes of domestic Americana, Garcia’s work asks questions about the propagation of fantasy through image and the complexities of the human relationship to the environment. Garcia received her BFA from the School of Visual Art in 2014 and her MFA in 2016 from the Hoffberger School of Painting at Maryland Institute College of Art.