If only we could report about all the many worldwide efforts to support the many valiant efforts aimed at  bolstering members of the art community, who have been so impacted by Covid 19. Consider Life Still, a recent project organized by art collector and art world real estate broker, Jonathan Travis. Featuring works by many Juxtapoz favorites, this virtual exhibition will donate equal amounts of the total proceeds, based on each artist’s personal designation of 20 to 100% to the NAACP Legal Fund and the Food Bank for New York City.


The Brooklyn-based Travis feels that, "As a native New Yorker and someone who strongly believes in equality for all, I felt compelled to contribute to the causes that the show is supporting. Given I have many great relationships within the arts community through my work and collecting, I thought organizing this show would be the best way to maximize my impact, while also helping to get exposure for the artists." Transposing the art genre," Life Still focuses on  images representing moments of emotion, connection, dialogue, and reciprocity, observing the intimate moments of solidarity between family members, friends, loved ones, even strangers.

Responding to this unprecedented pandemic, which lays bare cruel social injustices, exacerbated divisive political leadership in the United States, the works pay fond tribute to the “old life” and its greatly anticipated restoration. With people around the world placing regular rhythms of life on hold, physically and socially distanced from those they care about, the participating artists provided personal, short texts to accompany their images, creating a bigger fuller narrative to engender identification and comfort.  

"The response to the show has been amazing," Travis told us about the response to his curatorial debut. "I was hellbent on not doing another standard "website viewing room" so I worked with some great people to help build the virtual exhibition room, which was modeled after a Tribeca gallery space. I’m very proud of it.” The result has been very rewarding, he adds, from creating this virtual event, getting to work with and present the works by so many great young artists together, as well as  raising around $40,000 for these two important causes.

Life Still includes works by Sara Anstis, Michael Cline, Anthony Cudahy, Danielle DeJesus, Alannah Farrell, Dominique Fung, Lenz Geerk, Sasha Gordon, Doron Langberg, Danica Lundy, Ji Woo Kim, Larry Madrigal, Gabriel Mills, Rebecca Ness, Anna Park, GaHee Park, Alina Perez, Alexis Ralaivao, Elena Redmond, Julie Severino, and Sydney Vernon. —Sasha Bogojev