"6th Street Blow Out": Brian Barneclo's Street Spirit in San Francisco

August 09, 2017

Anyone who has lived in, been to or just casually followed the history and present tense of San Francisco knows that the city is changing. Rapidly. Tech, transplants and other major companies have not only moved in, but housing prices have soared to such heights that homelessness and street culture has been pushed to certain city centers. Always one of the most active street scenes in the city is 6th and Market, long the home of the influential Luggage Store Gallery but also the connecting points of the Tenderloin and SOMA. In this wonderfully shot video by Jeremy McNamara captures the essence of the evolving San Francisco landscape through the narration and art of Brian Barneclo. Having lived in the 6th and Market neighborhood for over a decade, muralist and painter Barneclo narrates and juxtaposes how the city's new feel is balanced with old.