Painting Air: Spencer Finch @ Museum of Art, RISD

May 14, 2012

On view at the Rhode Island School of Design's Museum of Art is Spencer Finch's exhibition Painting Air. The show has received a long list of appraisals for Finch's in depth investigation of his own practice with many parallels drawn to the work of others included in the show (these others range from William de Kooning to Monet). The focus of the show targets the intangible phenomena of perceiving light and the various artworks and installations by Finch and many others together all exhibit substantive objects that represent these varying investigations of light. Finch's 8456 Shades of Blue (After Hume), for example, consists of twenty-eight sheets of twenty-two-by-thirty-inch sheets of paper utilizing a simple repetitive gesture of varying blue ink dots in response to a proposed experiment by philosopher David Hume. This itself is a study of light and color, creating a landscape of blues just as Monet captured the variations of light and color that laid before him in the countryside. The show is on view until July 29th.