Paco Pomet "Scapelands" @ Richard Heller, Los Angeles

Jan 11, 2014 - Feb 15, 2014Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica

Richard Heller Gallery is pleased to announce, Scapelands, a new collection of paintings by Spanish artist, Paco Pomet. The exhibition kicks off the new year for the Santa Monica/Bergmot Station gallery, with Pomet's new work opening January 11, 2014. 

To see more of Paco's work, click here.

The landscape, deeply rooted in pictorial western tradition, is the starting point from which Pomet elaborates subversion on the conventional ways of its interpretation. Thus, we find ourselves faced with images that present the outside world and the territory as scenes where unexpected and dreamlike situations take place. The author destabilizes, disarranges and alters the order of the elements that configure the mise en scène in each of the paintings exhibited and the resulting images propose a new visual order. Due to the alterations, changes and glitches inflicted, the traditional construction of a landscape and its components become dismantled. Then, a new reality (though surreal) overcomes. Pomet draws on different procedures in each work to build his visual paradoxes. Thereby, we can see scale games in works like Feat, personification in Neighbors or Escape, color field inclusions in Baptists, The Golden Age or Silverer, fable construction in Noah's Nightmare, juxtaposition of exclusive elements in Inside Out, or perspective alterations in The Glitch.

Paco Pomet received a Fine Arts Degree (1993) from Universidad de Granada, Spain with an Erasmus Exchange (1992) at Loughborough College of Art and Design, United Kingdom. His work has been exhibited at, Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada Spain, Monya Rowe Gallery in NY, NY, My Name's Lolita Art, Madrid, Spain and Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pomet lives and works in Granada, Spain. This is his second solo show at the gallery.