Os Gemeos x ARYZ: Completed Mural in Poland

September 08, 2012

Last week we posted photos of Aryz and Os Gemeos beginning a collaborative mural in Lodz, Poland for the Urban Forms Festival. This was the first time the three artists had worked on a wall together. While they have all spent a significant amount of time painting large walls on lifts around the world, expecting something magnificent was really not far fetched. The finished product is a balanced display of both talents, showing that the young Spanish artist, Aryz, can throw down with the best.


jux_os_gemeos_aryz1 jux_os_gemeos_aryz2 jux_os_gemeos_aryz3 jux_os_gemeos_aryz4 jux_os_gemeos_aryz5 jux_os_gemeos_aryz6 jux_os_gemeos_aryz7 1st photo courtesy of Os Gemeos and all others Damian Majcherek