Opening: What Are You Doing To Participate @ The Dilettante, LA

December 12, 2012

This past weekend, the Juxtapoz sponsored What Are You Doing To Participate group zine / art show opened in Los Angeles. The show is curated and organized by Sam James Velde, Rich Jacobs and Adam Rossiter and features zines and prints spanning music, skateboarding and art culture from the 1980's til present. The show will be on display at The Dilettante through January 7, 2013. Today, we have the opening photos. Thank you to Alice Baxley for all the shots.

Some of the featured contributors are: Chrissy Piper, Tod Swank, Garry Davis, Andy Jenkins, Jocko Weyland, Mike Gitter, Mel Kadel, Jay Howell, Nina Hartmann, Travis Millard, Dirk Knibbe, Cali Dewitt / Jay Clark (FaNKULT), Thomas Stavnes (REMIO), Pez & many many more.


Coinciding with the show, we are spotlighting some of the artists involved to delve more into what motivates them to participate... check the interviews here.

PEZ wall...


Sam James Velde: