Opening: Timothy Karpinski and Brooke Weeber @ Compound, Portland

November 18, 2012


Portland illustrators Timothy Karpinski and Brooke Weeber just opened their newest show "The Day We Saw the Sun Come Up" at Compound Gallery. Their brightly colored, graphic illustrations (and installations) feel both nostalgic and immersive, and we wish we were in Portland to see the show in person! But for now, we have a few pictures to whet your palette. The show is open through December 2nd, so check it out!

"This November, despite the rain and grey clouds that will no doubt be covering Portland, Compound Gallery presents a ray of light with the two-person show “The Day We Saw The Sun Come Up.” Our latest monthly installment features new two- and three-dimensional artwork by Brooke Weeber and Timothy Karpinski.

As kids, trains and ships are vessels of whimsy and mystery where stories and adventures abound. But as adults, whether we mean to or not, we lose our ability to daydream like we did when we were young. Whimsy and frivolity eventually fall by the wayside as our understanding of the world deepens. Weeber and Karpinski’s work is the epitome of that carefree spirit surviving to adulthood, and thriving. Inspired by their urban Portland surroundings, these artists use both flat and multi-dimensional means to materialize the playful imaginary worlds that their environments conjure. Both have created art that refuses to let the mystery escape a sailboat or the mischievous nature of a cat fade away, all the while appealing to both our childlike and adult sensibilities.

“The Day We Saw The Sun Come Up” is a show where imaginations can run wild; where a grey afternoon isn’t a detriment to fun, but a reason to allow the dusty whimsical corners of our minds to reawaken."