Opening: Ryan McGinley "Animals" & "Grids" @ Team Gallery, NYC

May 07, 2012

Ryan McGinley opened two simultaneous exhibitions at Team Gallery's two locations in SOHO, NYC this past week, Animals and Grids (Atlas Sound playing the roof for the openings... good touch). We stopped by to see both shows this weekend, and while Grids has a incredibly clean presentation, Animals was one of our favorite, most memorable shows of the entire weekend of Frieze activities.

Grids has an interesting concept, as we all spend so much time at concerts looking to the stage as if a God is performing for us, but McGinley turns the camera on an unsuspecting audience, capturing pure, undoctored moments of bliss, worship, exhiliration, and mesmerized stares. What I found to be the best part is not knowing which band, act, show, or city these people were attending; it was the unifying experience of a spectacle that is captured in these shots.

Animals, on the other hand, had elements of humor throughout. Nude models, mostly with faces obscured, play secondary roles to the animals peculiar expressions and actions. The models let the animals explore on and around their bodies, and sometimes the animals end up in, um, er, interesting locations. The standout photo was the centerpiece female nude, upper body obscured by the wings of birds, arms spread, almost as if perfectly in unison with the animal counterparts. McGinley's choice of color-backgrounds brought each piece to life.







Ryan McGinley
Animals and Grids
May 2—June 2, 2012
Team Gallery
New York City