Opening: Roid "More Than Ever" @ Topsafe, London

June 12, 2012

We are deeply disappointed that we are unable to see Roid’s debut solo exhibition “More than Ever” with Topsafe London in person. The artist’s work is a mix and is influenced by typography, design, geometry, Manga, computers, robots, music and the list goes on, with one eye catching color palette for sure. His work has been courting our attention for a while and from these pictures one could easy think the canvases were created digitally.


jux_roid1 jux_roid2 jux_roid3 jux_roid4 jux_roid5 jux_roid6 jux_roid7 jux_roid8 jux_roid9 jux_roid10 jux_roid12 Via