Opening: Rico Deniro "Escoliosis" @ FIFTY24SF Gallery, SF

May 28, 2012

This past Saturday, we stopped by the first day of Mexico-based artist, Rico Deniro's Escoliosis, his second exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery and his second featuring a series wooden masks. But this new series also features iconic pop-culture figures carved from wood to function as everyday, household objects. Deniro art directs master woodworkers from Southern Mexico to take iconic American subjects and to reinterpret them as functional objects, carved from wood. For instance, there was a Michael Jordan incense holder, Burt Reynolds coat hanger, Ninja toilet roll holder, multiple planters, tape deck ash tray, all with distinct pop-culture roots. Our favorite was the Do the Right Thing letter holder.



MJ incense holder...

Do the Right Thing letter holder...


Scarface ketchup holder...

Rico Deniro
FIFTY24SF Gallery
San Francisco, California