We have been lucky over the past 5-6 years to have worked with Oakland, California based fine artist, collagist, painter, mixed-medist, sculpturist, installation artist, you name it, but we have been lucky to watch Monica Canilao become a force in contemporary art. Of all the projects she creates, "Born To Ruins," which opened at Subliminal Projects this past weekend, is another chapter in what will continue to be an fantastic career for Canilao. 

There was a ton to take in, as the exhibition is immersive, performance-based, with photography, installation, collage, and drawings all comprising the bulk of the show. But what Monica has always been able to do, and what is the strength of "Ruins," is create a place so full of detail and attention to layers and narrative that you find it hard to find ways to leave the work. We have always thought of the work as futuristic-meets-the-Wild-West-Frontier, with pieces of our past juxtaposed into something that feels a unfamiliar, handmade vision of our history and current human state. 

Go see it through July 5, 2014. Preview images were here, and our studio visit with Monica is here

All photography by Sam Graham.