As you maybe saw on the site last week, we did a studio visit with San Francisco-based artist, Mars-1, as he prepared for his solo show, "Toward A Distant Dawn," at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles. That show opened this past Saturday, and we got in the old van and drove down to the Southland to see our neighbor show off his new paintings and impressive bronze sculptures. Don't try and lift those. They are heavy.

Gallery photos by Sam Graham

From the gallery:
In Toward A Distant Dawn, diffracted patterns combined with orbital formations made of large gestural circular brush strokes create a sense of kinetic energy. A gradient expansion of color and light produce an after-glow (similar to those in gamma-rays). Layered details of geometric-organic firmaments, resembling space debris, amalgamate with an abstracted imaginative landscape. Cast bronze molecular sculptures of celestial spherical elements are fabricated using both additive manufacturing and the ancient technique of lost-wax. Unforeseen Possibilities shows the cognitive effects of black and white shapes visually designed to process optical illusory motion. The undulating black holes are reminiscent of the unfathomable scope of the cosmos.