Opening: Dennis McNett "Temple of Wolfbat" @ Known Gallery, LA

November 19, 2013

Temperatures plummeted and the cold evening turned abruptly white at Known Gallery in Los Angeles last Saturday the 16th. Who would imagine that the Temple of Wolfbat would hold court in such stark brightness? Dante Ross curated this latest parade of McNett’s trademark characters, choosing to highlight their ferocity on the high walls, giving each creature enough space to guard their territory. Like viewing a predator behind a barrier, viewers stare, mouths gaping, but, of course, can’t touch. Teeth gnashing wolves, writhing serpents and penetrating owls stare and glare from aggressive masks as well as linocut and woodcut prints and carvings. Waves unfurl and crash amidst three-dimensional Viking ships. But don’t worry; the back room is framed with his signature Anti Hero boards, proving there are a thousand ways to portray a skull. Because what lies beneath Dennis McNett’s work is the understanding that Nature is fierce and forgiving, and the demons don’t just come out at night.  -Gwynn Vitello

Temple of Wolfbat runs through November 30, 2013 at Know Gallery at 441North Fairfax, Los Angeles, California.

All photos by Brock Fetch.

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