Deedee Cheriel "Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing" @ Pure Evil, London

Apr 18, 2013 - May 19, 2013Pure Evil, London

Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel, now residing in Los Angeles, CA, is a visual artist who started out creating record covers and T-shirts for the Oregon music scene in the early ‘90s. Born in the hippie town of Eugene, Oregon, she began her own band and record label at the age of 19. This April 18, 2013, she opens a new body of work, Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing, at Pure Evil Gallery in London. The show is also presented by Coates and Scarry.

Influenced by the popular DIY culture of that time, she played in several all-girl bands (Juned, Adickdid, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns) and co-created the semi-autobiographical film “Down and Out with the Dolls.” This artist has lived and studied abroad: Honduras, Chile, England, Portugal, Spain and her native India. She has shown In Australia, Europe, and across the US with four solo shows in 2012.

Describing her work and influences, Cheriel says,"The tedious dramas of everyday life find comedic remedy in my petite narratives. Wanting something that is unattainable, living with a sick boyfriend, trying to connect with girlfriends of different racial and social standings – all these experiences become anthropomorphic characters entangled in folkloric fairytales in my paintings. I use animals and elements from my natural environments to depict human emotions."