Opening: Andrew Schoultz "In Process" @ Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey

July 19, 2013

Yes, you can literally and metaphorically stop and smell the roses at the Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada when visiting the the Andrew Schoultz In Process exhibition which opened last Friday, June 12th. Joining the prolific and personable Schoultz and his artist wife Hilary Pecis were fans from up and down the coast who delight in the narratives.

The setting of what was once California’s principal port of entry intensifies viewing the seafaring mural in the open ceiling gallery space, as well as themes of colonization, imperialism and commercialization. Utilizing old maps and the technique of 24th century Persian miniatures, Schoultz employs intricate detail and eye popping metallic leaf. All the while, teaching and entertaining the viewer.

Last Friday’s lucky museum visitors were able to meander the enclosed garden featuring 100 varieties of roses, then wander into the show with its map treatments and coruscating American flags, leading into the grand finale of horses, bulls and bears. Hurry before it’s painted over. The show closes November 13th when the gorgeous Monterey Museum of art-La Mirada is sure to have something blooming. (Photos by Evan Pricco, text by Gwynned Vitello)

Andrew Schoultz' In Process will be on view through November 17, 2013.