Opening: Alex Pardee "Bunnywith" @ Gallery 1988:East, Los Angeles

Oct 19, 2013 - Nov 09, 2013Gallery 1988, Los Angeles

This past weekend, our good friend and often-collaborator Alex Pardee opened a new show of an old favorite character, Bunnywith, at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. The concept drew a crowd: 100 $10 Bunnywith prints, all released at the opening, making for a 5-hour line outside the gallery.... we asked Mr. Pardee about the show, and this is what he told us... 

"Putting together the "Bunnywith" show was a way for me to experiment with creating, in a way, an Internet meme, but in a tangible form. Inspired by properties like Garbage Pail Kids, Pokemon, Ren & Stimpy, Tumblr memes and every Adult Swim cartoon i've seen over the last decade, I got the chance to introduce a character of mine into a new world and to a new audience.


"Given the initial inspirations for 'Bunnywith', the idea for the show was to create an art gallery experience that would not only be fun and imaginative but that could possibly allow EVERYONE to obtain some art if they wanted to. By releasing over 100 different $10 'Bunnywith' prints prints, kids and adults of all ages were able to purchase art, some for their very first time, which was a really amazing feeling." —Alex Pardee

If you want a print, go here. 

All photography by Chloe Rice (http://www.itschloe.com) and Paul Bustamante