Following on the June 2014 issue with Mark Ryden, the July issue features another pillar of Juxtapoz's growth and international success over the past 20 years: Shepard Fairey. Amazingly enough, Shepard had only been on 1.5 covers in our two decades of publishing, and with a brand new body of work currently on display at the Halsey Institute in Charleston, South Carolina, works that were curated to sit alongside prints by Jasper Johns.

July 2014, n162, also features:
Andrew Pommier makes good faces
Jesse Hazelip gets interviewed by Judith Supine
—The originator of the Big Eyes, Margaret Keane, is TIm Burton's next subject
—Meet Kikyz1313... your nightmares will never be the same
—Skate graphic legend Todd Francis hits the books

—Adam Wallacavage takes us around Philadelphia
Dana Tanamachi—Williams from chalk to Nike
—Tellason Jeans turns craft into lifestyle
—Justin Blyth... an American in Amsterdam
—Photographer Yan Morvan's luck never runs out