Juxtapoz is proud to announce a very special August 2014 issue, featuring one of our all-time favorite musicians, creatives, and all around artistic personas, Madlib. For years, we have followed Madlib's eclectic career, from Quasimoto, Madvillain, Jaylib, Yesterday's New Quintet, the Beat Konducta series, and everything in between. One common thread has always been the unique and artistically-driven alter egos that Madlib has given to the world, and in this issue, we talk to the musician about his world of music and art.

The August 2014 issue features:

—Special Madlib cover illustration created for Juxtapoz by Jason Jägel

—An interview with Madlb and Freddie Gibbs about the groundbreaking new LP, Piñata.

Stones Throw art director and longtime Madlib collaborator Jeff Jank talks album covers

The Sucklord gets Suckadelic

—We investigate the alter-egos of David Bowie

—Legendary cartoonist Tom Bunk tells the story of Garbage Pail Kids—We find the faces beneath the art of Erik Mark Sandberg

—Behind the scenes with new psychedelic master, Leif Podhajsky.

Herbert Baglione gives us a city tour of Sao Paulo... the non World Cup version

—We go inside the visual history of Los Angeles with Colby Poster Printing Company

On Sale Now: August 2014 w/ Madlib and the Art of the Alter Ego

cover art by Jason Jagel for Juxtapoz. (http://www.jasonjagel.com/)