Olafur Eliasson Creates Riverbed Inside Museum

August 20, 2014

Danish-Icelandic artist and designer Olafur Eliasson, whose installations we have often featured on the site, is opening a solo show at Denmark's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art entitled "Riverbed." The main work, a giant landscape, will unfold throughout the whole South Wing of the museum in one great sweep – and as a major intervention in Louisiana’s usual administration of art in space, thus giving the viewer the opportunity to think about the aesthetic experience as more than just the encounter between subjects and objects.

Since the beginning of the collaboration it has been clear that a solo exhibition of Eliasson at Louisiana would inevitably be a radical, site-specific exhibition that would take up a discussion of the reality of the museum as an institution and locality, and at the same time focus on local sensory experience in a global perspective.

The transitions between inside and outside, culture and staged nature, become fluid and transitory – and the progress of the visitor through the museum becomes a central issue. Eliasson’s exhibition will be an enhancement of our gaze at the museum, at ourselves and at the world.

Photo by Anders Sune Berg, courtesy of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

via designboom