Ofra Lapid's Broken Houses

May 08, 2012

Process in art has always been a discussion, whether or not its an interesting discussion is a different story. Ofra Lapid has a fascinating process behind her series Broken Houses. The series focuses on structures that have been neglected by their human counterparts and have fallen victim to weather and decay. The work reminds us of Kevin Cyr's work of documentation and reconstruction of a local environment.


Lapid began while pursuing an amateur photographer via the Internet. During Lapid's search she came across a North Dakota photographer who obsessively photographs abandoned structures. From these photographs Lapid reconstructions each of the abandoned structures in small-scale models. The models are then photographed in a studio setting and are omitted from their typical context, the result are fantastic. See more of Ofra Lapid's work here. –Brent DCVII Gentile