The “dirtiest comic in the underground” is back! The latest installments of Roubin Bougie’s sex comic anthology, Sleazy Slice, and exploitation movie zine, Cinema Sewer, are now available! Jim Rugg created the cover for Sleazy Slice #5 thought he'd show a little process as well. He had provided artwork for a previous issue’s cover a few years ago, and this new issue #5 cover is reeeeal sleeeeeazy x.

'This drawing was made with Sable hair brushes (I like Raphael 8404?s but may have used some cheaper brush I had lying around, for some reason I’ve been using a 15 year old brush lately), a few pen nibs like the famous Hunt 102, 108, and a manga nib called a Zebra G-model, and some rapidographs. It was drawn on Strathmore bristol smooth 300 series paper. The original is 19? x 24?. I used Dr. Ph. Martin’s TECH Drawing Ink, Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph ink, and really old Higgins Engrossing ink.'