The work of London based artist Inge Jacobson's focuses on the transformation of found images through embroidery, cutting and collage. In this series Jacobsen brings to the fore the link of objectification of the female form in pornography and in womens magazines. Each piece forces a connection not only between the juxtaposed conception of womens bodies but also of a generational shift away from "feminine craft" such as cross stitching and the move of fashion and magazines into the female sphere. Despite their political connotations Jacobsen states that she keeps her work open, "allowing the viewer to decide whether the work is a critique of the fashion industry or pornography or something more celebratory". Each pieces is unique and hand made, stressing the deep phisical connection between each work and the craft of the artist.


Playboy Bunny cutout number 1 and 2
Inge Jacobsen, 2012

Materials: Thread embroidery on paper

Dimensions: 42 x 29.7cm