German photographer Peter Franck mixes dreamed and naturalistic erotism, bleak hotel rooms and a certain morbid atmosphere.

“I find most nude photography zero interesting," says Franck of his work. When Peter Franck is composing one of his images, he doesn’t just want beautiful bodies with perfect lighting. “We’ve all seen that a thousand times, that’s completely non-exciting.” One of his close-ups of a woman’s face with her eyes closed and lips painted bright red, inserting herself into the picture, expects the viewer to have plenty of questions. Like, who is she? What just happened? And why is the darn TV still on in the background? The scene resembles an old-fashioned porn movie, but Franck’s effects insert an artificial feel that inspires the viewers to come up with their own ideas, interpretations and stories.

“An image should not be immediately accessible”, says Franck.

Franck has received many awards over the years, honoring his work and his unusual viewpoint.