During the recent edition of Whole Train project, Os Gemeos painted this great little tribute to their friend, and overall art legend, Twist, aka Barry Mcgee. Along with infamous twins, this year's project produced new works by VLOK crew members Finok, Tiago, Ise, as well as Acidum collective, Narcelio Grud and few others.

Whole Train project started back in 2002 as a self funded initiative with a goal to beautify Brazilian’s city trains into pieces of art. Travelling around the country it brings color into the daily life of train riders, and provokes discussion about art through work of local and international artists. This year's event was held in the Northeast of the country on the 12th of May and produced new works in Fortaleza, Sobral and Juazeiro do Norte. The twins painted this great little tribute to Barry, the same person that introduced them to the American graffiti scene back in 1993. As realistic as Os Gemeos get, the piece includes the signature TWIST tag and recognizable clothing and messenger bag.—Sasha Bogojev

Photo credits by artists and Nou Colors