If you are going to start a creative cult of expression, you may as well cite the incredibly original vision of futurist, hip-hop artist, artist and visionary, the late Rammellzee. And along with Nuart Festival and Cedar Lewisohn, the orgaanization and artist/curator descended upon Sandes, Norway for the annual Norwegian Youth Festivals of Art (UKM). And they were there to spread the unique vision of Rammellzee.

A few weeks back, and through the mediums of graffiti, breakdancing, skateboarding and music, the Cult of Rammellzee (UK) devised a public performance combining visual art, sound and choreography with 60 UKM participants over three days. The ambitious project was co-curated by Cedar Lewisohn, the man behind Tate Modern’s ground-breaking "Street Art" exhibition in 2008.

The Cult of Rammellzee is a performance art collective that has a track record of working on commissions for major cultural institutions. Both the Barbican and the Saatchi Gallery in London have invited them to perform their peculiar mixture of chanting, spray-painting and breakdancing in their spaces. Their trademark costumes, assembled from plastic odds and ends with a splash of hi-vis, make them look like psychedelic Transformers, with exotic fabrics adding an ethno-futurist twist. They work in honour of the graffiti/performance artist Rammellzee who died in 2010.