The ‘Mens Du Sov’ (While You Were Sleeping) book project is the result of Danish photographers Anders Giversen and Simon Dokkedal’s documentation of the Copenhagen graffiti scene.

Shot only at night in Copenhagen, the book and images capture a rare look into the process and trials of tagging. The photographers spent a year infiltrating the clandestine graffiti culture, a task that required them to absorb fully into the unwritten rules of the game, while struggling with low light, stressful missions, often being chased by security and police. ‘Mens Du Sov’ contains hardcore graffiti action from writers and crews such as RENS, SABE, FYS, MOA, DIA, FK, EASER, WEEK, GRAPE, SPYO and many more. After the book was released, DSB, the Danish national train service, contacted the police and had and investigation for any illegalities in creating the book. Anders stated, ‘We ended up being fined 5000 dkk each for trespassing 9 times.’

The project has been exhibited at the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2014 and 2015 and Trailerpark Festival 2015 (Copenhagen) and European Train Writing and Beyond in Houston 2015.

- Samer Khudairi