Murano-based glassblower Lucio Bubacco creates delicate glass sculptures that turn the great Venetian tradition on its head, favoring orgiastic bacchanals and S&M scenarios as his not-so-dainty subject matter. Let's just say that having one of these bad boys as a centerpiece on your dining room table would be a conversation starter, to say the least. "Bubacco's fascination with anatomy, equine and human, lured him to push bit by bit beyond the perceived technical limits of his craft. His large free standing sculpture, worked hot and annealed during the process, is unique in lampworking made from flexible Murano soda glass canes, not less-breakable Pyrex. His pieces challenge our notion of lampwork as primarily decorative and whimsical, stressing as they do form and plasticity, rather than detailed elaboration and/or narrative content presented as a mini-installation."