KISS is the debut art book from Los Angeles-based photographer Maggie West. The book features 20 pairs of people kissing each other under colorful, surreal lighting. KISS takes a unique, abstract approach to a subject that has depicted throughout centuries of art. By placing a universal activity in such a dreamlike setting, the book causes readers to reexamine the energy and intimacy taking place with each embrace. 

The book features a foreword by artist and journalist Hannah Stouffer. A launch party for KISS will be held on the rooftop of The Ace Hotel on June 14th at 8pm.

“By combining provocative colorations with intimate moments, the focus of the subjects became a richly surreal fantasy. This method visually separates the models from reality, allowing their feeling and energy to prevail” —Maggie West

KISS features an interesting mix of LA-based models, musicians and artists, from all backgrounds and walks of life. The casting creates a vibrant portrait of Los Angeles in 2015. By celebrating its unique mix of ethnicities and sexualities, KISS celebrates all the diversity and freedom the city has to offer.