Jane Radstrom is a painter and designer based in Austin, TX. She lives a quiet life of cooking, eating, teaching, painting and scheming. 'I first studied drawing and painting at Watts Atelier California. The methods practiced in atelier schools are based on meticulous renaissance traditions of masterful realism. Then, I attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, earning a BFA in Illustration. Illustration is all about bringing ideas to life - it is art created to clearly convey specific meaning. Now, I create works which I consider to be contemporary realism out of my studio in Austin, TX.  I am a part of a centuries-old tradition of artists depicting the human form, but I also want my art to be something that would not have been created hundreds of years ago. Recently, I have been inspired by photographic effects, specifically the manipulation of exposure to create images that look 'real', but contain more than a single still image. In choosing poses, I focus on nuances of body language and expression. It is important to me that the girls are presented realistically, showing unidealized beauty and what I think of as a modern sense of confidence in candid moments, I hope that when you stand in front of a piece you can feel the presence of the person depicted.'